Anglo Scottish Tool Co 1948
Anglo Scottish Tool Co 1948


The Anglo Scottish Tool Company was located in Gateshead,England, across the Tyne River from Newcastle-on-Tyne.

They were well known for their range of "Rapier" brand hand tools, including metal planes and spokeshaves and a few other tools, produced between 1945 and 1956

The men behind the company were William Sidney Powel and R S Adams. The Anglo Scottish Tool Company Ltd., appears on the scene in late 1945, and in 1955 the company apparently became Adams Powel Equipment Ltd.  at which time, the manufacturing of their Rapier hand tools ceased. Although, that company persisted into the early 1970's, when they were honoured with a Queen's Award to Industry for their export achievement.

The company's name was a little strange, since its location was a good 60  miles from the Scottish border.!


Distribution of their products

During its ten or so years history, the company's tools were distributed in England and Scotland through H. & D. Churchill Ltd. via their depots located in Birmingham.London, Manchester, Glasgow and Newcastle upon Tyne.

Possibly, this was to use an already existing warehouse and distribution  network that Churchills had in place for decades before. This would have promoted their products to the same buyers as those of Stanley and Record, then  leaders in the  U.K., hand tool market.

Adjoining picture shows an advertisement from 'The Ironmonger' trade journal November 1950.

Rapier brand tools were also exported to all parts of the English speaking world, with catalogues being produced specifically for the Spanish speaking countries, particularly in South America.

H & D Churchill Rapier advert 1950

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