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Richard Groves and Sons, renowned sawmakers of Sheffield

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Richard Groves and Sons.

One of the most famous names in Sheffield sawmaking.

The alleged date that the business was established (but not backed up by any documentary proof),is 1770.

That date is highly likely, as Richard Groves was born around 1745.

Groves saws form part of my own toolkit, and have been the back-bone for my unplugged dimensioning, of many types of wood, whilst making furniture.

Thought it might interest a few folks that follow my page, as well as other saw users/collectors.

P.S. these are NOT for sale.

Groves of Sheffield Saws

They have been in hibernation for a while!

My Groves’ set comprises of the following:-

1st       26" Ripsaw with teeth graduated from 3 to 4 1/2 tpi.

2nd      24" Crosscut with 7 tpi.

3rd       14" Tenon saw with 12 tpi. xcut filed

4th       10" Dovetail saw 16 tpi rip filed

5th        12" Compass saw 10 tpi rip filed

All have been used consistently over the years, and formed the basis of my un-plugged, wood cutting, tool kit!!

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