Sold Gallery

Photo gallery of some of the vintage, old and antique woodworking tools that have been sold recently by Old Tool Mart.

All the tools are suitable for using or for collecting. You will see examples of all types of woodowrking tools here. Many famous brand names you will know, and some lesser known ones that you probably hven't come across before.

The prominent makers include : William Marples, Stanley, Record, Disston, Richard Groves, Thomas Norris, Spiers of Ayr, Griffiths of Norwich, Varvill of York, Spear and Jackson, Moore and Wright and many, many, more.

Good examples can be seen, of wooden moulding planes, metal infill planes, rebate planes, plow (plough) planes, smoothing planes, jack planes, chisels and gouges, axes, froes, adzes,  billhooks and hedge slashers, all manner of saws including rip saws, cross cut saws, tenon  and dovetail saws, fret saws, coping saws, pad saws and compass saws.

If you want or 'need' similar tools, please contact us, we might have another in stock!

W S of Birmingham rebate plane

W S of Birmingham made copy of Stanley 78 duplex rebate and fillister plane. The company was later acquired by Record of Sheffield.

W S duplex rebate and fillister plane
W.S. (William Spencer) of Birmingham A78 duplex rebate plane
Tatchers needle
Roof thatching needle

Thatching needle

A great example of a tool used when tatch roofing. Allows thread to be pushed through underlayers of thatch to secure new, or top layer of tatch.

Stanley USA no 48 tongue and groove plane

Sometimes referred to as the 'swinging fence match plane'. This is a combined plane that allows the cutting of both the tongue and the matching  groove. The fence pivots on a pin in the centre. Furnished with two cutting irons, with the fence in one postion, both irons contact the workpiece and the tongue is made. Swinging the fence end for endwill cover one ironin such a manner that a matching groove is cut.

Stanley USA no 48 tongue and groove plane
Stanley USA no 48 tongue/groove plane

Stanley USA no 113 cicular or compass plane

Used to plane either concave or convex surfaces.

The flexible steel sole is adjustable by turning the large front screw. Both halves of the sole move simultaneouslythroughaction of the side gear arrangement.

Offered for sale1879 through to 1942

Stanley no 113 circular plane
Stanley USA 113 compass plane
Rapier planes selection of types
Rapier planes by Anglo Scottish Tool Co