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  1. An English style infill fore plane offered by Footprint Tools around 1990. It wasn't available very long. I understand that approximately only 200 were ever manufactured.

    footprint infill 2 foto a

    Footprint were offered the order for a 'Norris' pattern plane by Law & Gawber, of Canada, but on condition it was exclusive to them, and not offered for sale, to any other company

    footprint infill 2 foto b


    The plane body is cast iron or steel, one piece, and not of dovetailed construction.

    It was offered in two sizes - 18" and 22" lengths.

    The infill appears to be Beech (but from owner feedback to this blog, possibly a type of Mahogany), although the finish is an extremely dark, nearly opaque laquer which obscures most of the surface detail.

    footprint infill c



    The cap is bronze, stamped with 'Footprint', and floats freely on its pivoting securing rod.

    The adjustment mechanism is a Norris-style, double threaded screw rod, which also acts as the lateral lever.

    footprint infill adjuster 2 foto d

    The blade cap iron screw head fits in a cup at the end of the lateral lever.

    Sporting a double iron. The cutting iron is 2 3/8" wide and 5/32" thick.

    This 22" version plane weighs in at  9lb 6ozs -  if I find the eighteen inch version, I can compare the weight of the two planes.

    UPDATE: 26th February 2023. Courtesy of John Winant, the 18" weighs in at 8lbs 13ozs.

    N.B. It is probably the only known attempt by a modern mainstream English tool manufacturer, to try and reproduce the look and feel of an original Norris plane. It could not have been cost-effective to produce, due to high wages and material costs then prevailing. Unless the true cost of its production could be reflected in its retail selling price, it was not viable tool to make!    Hence short run and small production figure.

  2. *** Great News***
    The 'Vintage hand Tool Extravaganza' is back on.
    toolfair new page 1 SECOND VERSION
    Previously postponed due the the covid restrictions, happy to announce that the event is now booked for October 16th 2021.
    With free entry and free car parking.
    Location is:-
    The Village Hall
    Newarl Lane
    Carlton Scroop
    NG32 3AR
    Come and meet the Tool Dealers - David from Norfolk, Robert from Old Hand Tools, Brian the Norris Plane man, Adam a knife maker at Ash and Iron, and of course myself, the 'other' Robert Old Tool Mart
    As well as being able to look at and buy the tools, and maybe sell some of yours to the dealers, we have various demonstrations.
    * Pole lathe woodturning by Gary, aka 'The Wobbly Bodger'
    * Bushcraft and Greenwood expert Martin Rollins
    * Lincolnshire Woodturners
    * Display of some rare and unusual hand tools
    For your delectation there will be slices home-made cake, with a cup of tea or coffee, will be available.
    A great opportunity to meet up with like-minded tool enthusiasts.
    If you need any more details or information please message me, especially if you are wanting to buy particular tool. I will circulate any 'needs' to all the dealers, since their stalls will only have so much stock for the day - it means they have the chance to dig out what you're looking for in advance.
    Look forward to meeting up with old friends and customers and making many new ones!
    Regards to all, Robert😎