Hammers, mallets and Knocking sticks - The online Emporium for selling and buying old, usable, and antique woodworking tools based in Lincolnshire

Everyone needs a 'knocking stick'. Whatever trade or craft or hobby you indulge in, will at some point, need the input of force! Hammers of all kinds, from lightweight pin hammers, upto the  heavy weight sldegehammer. Stanley Estwing, Brades and Osbourne are some of the famous makers  normally stocked. Occasionally a user or Blacksmith made one turns up. Mallets for Joiners and carpenters, Mauls for Framers and Green woodworkers. Carving Mallets for the wood carver and Stonemason.

Please contact me if you want  a 'knocking stick' that is not listed above. My stock is constantly changing and what you need might be available.